The Drill4Life Story

Our Mission is simple: To bring the one thing that most people take for granted here in the United States of America: Clean, fresh, sustainable water!

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The Need to Drill4Life

Water is a very important element in our lives. We need water to drink, to cook, to wash our bodies, to grow food or plants, for cleaning and many other things.

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Take Action

For every $1.00 invested in water and sanitation, an average of at least $4.00 is returned in increased productivity.

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It is not unusual for people in rural villages to travel seven miles or more to fetch water from a nearly dried up river bed. Whatever amount of water they find is distributed among all the neighbors and the elderly in the village

Simba Maswela, Founding Board Member, Drill4Life

Our previous water source, a hand dug pond, had dirty water and would dry up during the dry season. Consequently, we were walking long distances hunting for water. My wife and young children have been relieved from the burden of walking long distances hunting for insecure water....

Kainda - Farmer

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Our need for help

Because of the ongoing water and sanitation crisis, residents must often drink from shallow, unprotected wells befouled by sewage and animal waste and the search for any water source, in rural areas outside of major cities, can often take up a good part of a family’s day including long treks to get to, more often than not, unreliable water sources.

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